3 Ways that Sharing Your Story will Increase your Twitter Likes in 2019

News 01:05 May 2024:

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Staying ahead of your business competition means expounding the horizons of your creativities. The best way to do this is retelling your brand story in a different way. It’s one trick that can be a major differentiator and will go a long way in setting you apart from your competition.

2019 is here with us, and you probably have lined up business marketing resolutions to move your business to the next level. Incorporate the following business retelling strategy that will earn you more twitter likes and give your customers a reason to partner with your firm as well.

Reveal tour history

Any business worth its name was founded not to simply make money but to meet a certain need. The best way to reveal the objective that holds the foundation of your business is revealing that intriguing story.

This will give you an opportunity to draw in your target audience and illustrate how the value of your company and focusing on your customers’ needs have driven your firm over the years. Your story will reveal to your customers why you started the business, what has driven the success of your business through the years, what need your business focuses on etc.

You will not only get more twitter likes but a genuine following that will be loyal to your firm.


Showcase your founder/founders

Many businesses are built and driven on the entrepreneurial passion of a founder or funders. Shining the spotlight on the founder or founders creates an emotional connection with the audience which can be cultivated into a long term business-customers relationship.

As your showcase, the founders of the firm, answer questions such as what compelled them to start the company, what was their drive, how did the products or services introduced in the market impacted the clients, etc.

Although this does not automatically sell your products but by portraying the face behind the great achievements of the business, clients gain confidence in you as a firm, Facebook and Apple incorporation have done so well on this by painting an incredible beautiful picture behind the founders of these giant firms, that’s how we all came to know of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve jobs even before using any of their products.

Build a timeline story

Your business has gone through various changes and achieved major accomplishments since its invention. You can represent these achievements and events in a visual representation in an appealing way that will resonate with your ideal target market. Talk of the innovations and technology that your firm pioneered in the industry and how clients have benefited from the services offered by these innovations.

You will get more likes on your twitter content, but more importantly, such content will establish you as a credible authority in the field. Remember however to curate content that is customer centered to avoid losing the target of the content which is to attract the attention of your audience to your brand.

How To Get Discounts When Buying Twitter Likes?


It cannot be denied that Twitter has gone viral. So, this simply implies that if you have gained fame in this social media platform, then you will have a great chance of reaching out to a limitless number of prospects wherever you are in the world. In order to gain huge following on twitter, it is a must to create marketing schemes that you can employ in the coming days. We are now living in the world of branding era where every highly acclaimed firm is setting itself up for the social media particularly Twitter.

Social media users have recognized the reality that being on social media is one effective method to get noticed and have a wider audience. Millions of twitter users possess the power to transform your brand into a kind of business that will be well-recognized garnering lap of luxury.  However, acquiring huge following is never a plain sailing task since increasing the number of your audience in an organic way takes a long time and requires great amount of effort. So, what should you do to increase your following instantly without spending extravagantly?

When looking for Twitter likes service packages, make sure that you highly consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Money-back guarantee

Always opt for service packages that offer refund or money-back guarantee. This is for you to cancel the service once you’re not satisfied or what was agreed was not met.

Note that a lot of auto like tools online offer low priced services but you end up obtaining low quality service. Their distorted claims merely revolve around offering high quality. Such services provide you the followers that have no profile photos so you are not guaranteed of real engagement.

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction provided by well-experienced professionals

Pick a Twitter likes service firm that employs social media marketing professionals that have several years of experience in the field. Carefully research if the company of your choice is capable of delivering high quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

  • Prior making any negotiations or transactions, conduct a comprehensive research first.

Carefully read the policies of the company of your preference. Observe if the service is user-friendly. You have to pick the Twitter package and keep in mind that relying on the package you selected, the number of likes vary. See to it that you get real and active audience, fast service within 24 hours and affordable service rates.

  • Quality over Quantity

While it is true that high number of followers is quite luring, still the quality of your followers matters the most in the end. You don’t actually need a plenty of followers that are fictitious, aim for active audience that could engage with you.

  • Highly Secure Method

Go over the terms and conditions of the company you’re planning to deal with. Check out their payment options. How they deliver their service?

  • 24/Hour Customer Support

Nothing beats a company that offers kind customer support. This is an assurance that you will have professional who will attend to your issues and other concerns anytime.